Prison Ministries for women
A Simple Guideline

  1. Take extra precaution on how you dress. You should wear slacks or jeans.    
      It is a matter of modesty. 
      No really tight apparel. 
      No low cut clothing.
      Do not  wear white slacks or white t-shirts or blouses, as this apparel shows panty lines
      and bra lines and might not be advisable under these circumstances.

  2. Take precaution on how you touch a prisoner. Make sure they want to be touched.          
      Don’t assume it’s ok. 
      If they do allow touching take care how it is done. 
      Hugs should be careful hugs from the side. 
      Don’t embrace a prisoner. 
      Don’t hold on to them or allow them to hold on to you. 
      No frontal embraces.

  3. Remember the buddy system. NEVER go anywhere alone. 
      If you need to go to the restroom, ask a woman guard to take a group of you. 
      Then always go into the restroom with a partner to check it out. 
      Then if it is clear, only then can one of you step outside the door to guard the one inside.  
      This is a must. NO EXCEPTIONS

  4. When going to chapel, with a group of people, always wait until the leader says its ok
      to leave the chapel. 
      Do not leave even with another person, until the leader of the group has said it is ok to leave. 

   5. Try to leave everything you can in your vehicle. 
       You only need photo ID to get into the prison. 
       Every prison has a different set of rules to adhere to. 
       It is best to not take anything you can do without. 

   6. Most prisons ask us to sign into the unit and to sign out as we leave. 
       Don’t forget to do this.

   7. Bibles can be given to prisoners. But you must get clearance from the leader of the group. 
       He usually has to get permission from the chaplain.

   8. You will have to go through a metal check. 
       Try not to have metal on your persons. 
       Even some small necklaces will set the metal detector off. 
       Don’t wear an under wire bra if you are easily embarrassed. It can and has set the detectors
       Some belts and boots set them off. Boots and belts can be removed without embarrassments. 
       The only jewelry you need would be your wedding ring. 
       Leave everything else at home or in your vehicle under lock and key. 

   9. Most prison rather us not take medicine into the prison. 
       If you are on medication of any kind take only what you need for the time you are inside the
       Be sure if it is prescribed medication you have it in a prescription bottle. 
       Do not take gum or mints or anything eatable into the prison. 
       It could contain drugs and is not allowed. Leave it at home or in the car. 
       All prisons have different rules on this and it is subject to change with out notice. 
       If they say no to anything. JUST DO IT.  (Even if you don’t understand why)
       If you have a question ask your leader later. Never challenge a guard or a prisoner. 
       Go to your leader and have him handle it.

 10. If a prisoner gives you a note, even if he says it is a prayer request, don’t open it up and read
       it.  Give it to your leader. This is a must do. 

 11. If you wish to correspond with a prisoner it must be cleared with your leader. 
       You can have a P.O. box number or a church address or just allow the letters to be sent to you
       through the ministry you go in with and they can forward the letters
       to you. 

 12. Don’t agree to make phone calls for prisoners. 
       Don’t agree to make personal contact with  anyone outside of the prison
       for a prisoner. If they ask this of you tell them you are not allowed to do this. 
       That it is against our rules. Tell them you could give the request to their Chaplin or to your 

 13. If a prisoner tells you of a problem in the prison don’t tell anyone else in the prison system 
       what you have been told. 
       If you feel it is a valid complaint then tell your leader and he will handle it outside of the 
       prison system.

 14.Don’t allow a prisoner to tell you why he is in prison. It is none of your business. 
      As a woman you could be put in an embarrassing position. 
      It is better to just stop them by saying you are not there to judge them but to help them 
      with there spiritual needs. 
     Then ask them if they have a relationship with Jesus and continue on with ministering to them.